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Turn2X: Pioneering the Green Methane Revolution in Europe

The inauguration of Europe’s first commercial green methane production plant, based on green methanation, marks a significant milestone in sustainable energy initiatives. Turn2X (, a Munich-based German startup, is dedicated to reducing fossil CO2 emissions through the decarbonization of industries with renewable natural gas [1,2]. Turn2X has embarked on a groundbreaking journey to revolutionize the renewable energy landscape in Europe.

The Inauguration of Turn2X’s Green Methane Plant:

Methanation plant inauguration in presence of Spain and german celebrities

Advancements in Green Methane Production Technology:

Turn2X’s journey began in 2019 with the establishment of a pilot plant in Falkenhagen, Germany, followed by the construction of their pioneering commercial methanation plant in Miajadas, Spain. On March 15, 2024, this last facility was inaugurated in the presence of several Spanish and German celebrities, highlighting the company’s commitment to advancing renewable energy technologies.

Turn2X operates utilizing cutting-edge technology to efficiently convert a mix of green hydrogen and biogenic carbon dioxide into green methane using a patented catalyst reactor solution. The green hydrogen is produced by converting water into hydrogen, thanks to excess renewable electricity. Currently, biogenic CO2 is delivered to the site in large high-pressure containers. The next Turn2X plant in Miajadas will allow valorization of biogenic CO2 directly from a biogas plant, located on the same site. The produced green methane will be fed into the local grid, offering a scalable solution for energy storage and grid stabilization [3].

The recent inauguration of the green Methane plant, featuring green hydrogen systems and electrolyzers, signifies a step forward in Turn2X’s mission. The modular design of the plant facilitates the industrial-scale development of CO2-neutral renewable gases like Methane and Hydrogen [1]. Moreover, Turn2X’s initiatives contribute to reducing the equivalent carbon emissions of over 3000 households per year, showcasing the tangible impact of sustainable energy solutions [4].

In parallel, recent research efforts focusing on catalyst methanation and biomethanation reactors aim to optimize processes’ efficiency. These innovative approaches involve leveraging methanogens to perform the Sabatier reaction (4H2 + CO2 → CH4 + 2H2O), efficiently converting hydrogen and carbon into pure methane. By optimizing these processes, these new Startup initiatives aim to enhance a massive industrial production of green methane from renewable sources, contributing to the expansion of sustainable energy options.

Green methane presents a promising avenue for decarbonizing various sectors of the economy, offering a sustainable alternative to conventional methane. Leveraging power-to-gas technologies, excess renewable electricity can be harnessed to produce green methane, contributing to cleaner energy systems and mitigating climate change [5,6].

Collaborations and Future Prospects:

Turn2X collaborates with various stakeholders, local authorities, and companies across Europe to upgrade biogas plants and biogenic carbon, further expanding the accessibility of renewable energy solutions. With ambitious goals to cover a significant portion of Germany’s natural gas requirements with green methane by 2030, Turn2X is poised to play a pivotal role in driving the transition towards cleaner and more sustainable energy systems.


Green methane, produced from renewable sources like green hydrogen and biogenic CO2, holds tremendous potential in decarbonizing various sectors of the economy. The inauguration of Turn2X’s first commercial green methane production plant is a significant step towards achieving sustainable energy goals. By leveraging innovative green methanation processes, Turn2X aims to contribute to the expansion of the use of biogenic carbon energy while reducing fossil carbon emissions. Collaborations with stakeholders across the renewable energy value chain further enhance their impact. With ongoing research focusing on optimizing green methane production and advancements in power-to-gas technologies, the promise of green methane in mitigating climate change and fostering cleaner energy systems becomes increasingly tangible. As the world transitions towards greener energy solutions, green methane emerges as a vital player in realizing a sustainable and low-carbon future. Turn2X is at the forefront of shaping a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly future for Europe and beyond [7,8,9,10].

Author: Dr. Gelase Mbadinga M. / Hyfilgreen ( is a consulting company that supports Turn2X in its commitment to increase accessibility to biogenic carbon energy, thus reducing the utilization of fossil carbon for a safe planet. We propose solutions in: Chemical Process Engineering & Project Management – Renewable Energies – Biogenic CO2 Valorization /CCUS – Biogas plants – Green Hydrogen – Defossilization – Power 2X / E-fuels – Gas purification Systems & Filter Media Development – Technologies & Networks facilitating to suppliers and to new Markets. Find the original translation of this article in 3 languages (EN/DE/FR) on my website [11].












[11] Hyfilgreen – Erneuerbare Energien und Nachhaltigkeit fördern

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